My name is Adam and like most people, I love food.  I really enjoy cooking and creating recipes.

The inspiration for this blog comes from my dad.  While I was visiting my family in Florida during the 2009 Holiday Season I was taking photos of all the food being prepared and consumed.  He suggested to me that I should publish a photo book of food.  I have decided to take it a step further and have a blog with the photos as well as the recipes to go with them.

The original title of this blog was Adam’s Apple Pie but I decided to change the name because I felt the original name was more about me than about the food.  I wanted to play off the fact that this is a blog about food and that I live in New York City. Then it hit me: Big Apple Bites; I could keep the word apple since New York is known as The Big Apple and I thought of adding the word bites to bring the food aspect into it.  Although the name changed you can expect the same good food.


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  1. Love the blog.. i just started my own as well .. . My camera is getting fixed so I have been updating a few dining trips out etc. but should get back to posting my recipes. Hope NY ius treating you well . Xo Klaudia

  2. Adam! I finally got around to reading your blog! I like the summer watermelon treat you made! Definitely will try it next summer. Or maybe if I turn the heat up high, I can make believe and it eat it mid-winter! 🙂

  3. Adam, saw you this Christmas eve with your dad at John G’s. Your mom raves about you and this blog. Now I know why. I am very,very impressed!! Can’t wait to read each and every item in your blog. It was my pleasure to speak with you. Enjoy your Florida Holidays and I will see you soon, Denise (a south Florida Foodie!)

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