John G’s


Photo courtesy of Thomas Cordy/Palm Beach Post

My mom’s uncle John opened a restaurant called John G’s in Lake Worth, Florida in 1973 right on the beach.  In 2011 they had to close the restaurant and move to a new location.  Memorial Day weekend was the last time they were open at their old location and I went down to celebrate.

Ever since we started visiting Florida we would always take a trip to the “restaurant” which is only open for breakfast and lunch.  I have a few favorite menu items that I like to order when I go.  Breakfast I always get the cinnamon nut French toast; which in my opinion is the best French toast I have ever had.  For lunch I like a few things they have on the menu; fish and chips, “Detroit sliders”, and scallops to name a few.  I always get a cup of the cold gazpacho soup whenever I go for lunch.

We went on their last day open in the old location.  They were only open for breakfast and I split an order of French toast and Eggs Casino; John G’s very own version of eggs Benedict.

Cinnamon-Nut French Toast

Eggs Casino


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