I feel like I have neglected the blog for a couple of months. I have so many articles to write and post I just have been really busy traveling and enjoying the warm summer weather. I’m going to start with the amazing trip I recently took to Europe.

I went to Paris and Amsterdam in the beginning of May this year; I have never been to either city before and it was my 30th birthday gift to myself.  Now I loved both cities but I have to say that I have fallen in love with Paris.  It’s such a beautiful city and the food and culture are so amazing that I can’t explain it in words. I know it sounds cliché but you have to visit there to understand the feeling I am talking about.  The sites are beautiful but I was really into the food and wine culture there.  I’m looking forward to my next visit but until then I will have to eat at some of my favorite French restaurants in the city.


I left JFK on Friday April 29, 2011 around 6:30 pm and flew over night to Europe.  I had a lay-over in Barcelona.  Airline food isn’t necessarily considered gourmet so I was hungry to say the least.  I got café con leche, sweetened Greek yogurt and prosciutto and cheese sandwich on a baguette.

Café con leche, Greek yogurt, baguette sandwich = Barcelona Airport breakfast.

Once I finally got to Paris and after a long nap my friends and I went out to explore the area of Paris we were in.  The great thing about Paris is that you can walk into any store that sells food and pick up wine and fresh baguette as well as cheese and prosciutto; and that is what we actually bought for our first meal in Paris before we went out to experience the Paris nightlife.

Dinner: baguette, prosciutto, Comté cheese, Bordeaux wine.

SUNDAY, MAY 1, 2001

The next day we woke up and went to a store to buy more bread, cheese and wine to have on hand at the hotel.  We decided to have lunch at this wonderful local café called La Tartine. I had a café au lait and a foie gras tartine.  We sat outside in the sun watching the people passing by and enjoyed lunch before we headed out to do the touristy sight-seeing things.

Lunch: foie gras tartine, café au lait.

While we walking around we stopped at a crêpe stand near Notre Dame.  I had a taste for something sweet so I ordered a crêpe with Nutella and coco (Nutella and coconut); prefect combination for a sweet mid afternoon snack.

Crêpe menu.Finished product. Nutella Coco crêpe.

My crêpe being made

Finished product. Nutella Coco crêpe.

After a day of sight-seeing, we went back to the hotel and rested, freshened up and drank more wine.  We decided to go out to this restaurant near the hotel called Café les Philosophes. The menu was completely in French (no English meanings) and luckily our waiter was Irish and spoke fluent English.  We shared a bottle of wine and I had Canard Confit (duck confit) for dinner and a delicious espresso cake for dessert.

Canard Confit with a side of fried medallion potatoes and a small salad.

Espresso cake.

MONDAY, MAY 2, 2011

Before we started our day, we stopped at a Starbucks close by and had a latte which happened to be the best coffee I have ever had at Starbucks.  I ran across the street to a boulangerie named Paul to get a croissant and a small pain au chocolat.

Croissant and pain au chocolat.

Later on that day while walking on the Champs-Elysées we stopped at another crêpe stand and I got the same crêpe from the day before: Nutella, coconut and this time I had the man add bananas.  It was delicious.

Crêpe stand.

Nutella, coconut and banana crêpe.

Later that evening, we went out to eat at La Chaise au Plafond. I got the prix fixe menu; I started with soupe gratinée à l’oignon (onion soup) and then had bœuf bourguignon (beef Burgundy) for my main course and then chocolate mousse for dessert.

Soupe gratinée à l'oignon (onion soup).

Bœuf bourguignon with potatoes and fresh vegetables.

Mousse au chocolat.

TUESDAY, MAY 3, 2011

On our way up to Montmartre, I stopped at a boulangerie and got a variety of macarons to go with my café au lait.

Multi-flavored French Macarons.

Later in the afternoon, I stopped at a sandwich stand to get a quick-lunch and had a sandwich with pâté and cornichons (pickles).

Pâté and cornichons sandwich.

Once evening came we got ready and went to dinner at Le Petula. I had the prix fixe menu for 26€ which included the entrée (appetizer), plat (main course) and dessert.

Crème brûlée au foie gras.

Tartare de saumon cru (Salmon lox over pasta)

Tiramisu aux fruits rouges (Tiramisu with berries).


Before we got on the train to leave Paris and go to Amsterdam, we stopped at a café to take in Paris one last time before we left.  I had a café au lait.

Café au lait.

I had such a great time in Paris.  I have never drank so much red wine in my life as I did when I was in Paris. Thanks to the city and food I have a love affair with Paris and French culture. I have recently started taking a French language class to learn how to speak French for my return. I hope this post inspires you to visit Paris sometime.  I know I will be going back sooner than later.


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