Farmer’s Market Salad


Last weekend I headed over to the Union Square Farmer’s Market to see what fresh produce was available and to get inspired to create a new dish.  Since it’s so early in the season and the good vegetables are still growing there wasn’t much to choose from (also I went there a little late in the day after my yoga class).  I saw a lot of fresh greens, nice looking radishes and beautiful red tomatoes.  I decided to buy these things and make a nice fresh salad; I purchased fresh arugula, tomatoes, radishes and fresh dill.  I had some left over feta cheese to add to the salad and for the dressing I thought of making a lemon oil dressing to complement the dill and cut the spiciness of the radishes.

Vine fresh tomatoes from New Jersey.

Dill on the left and radishes on the right.

Fresh arugula.

I made the dressing with fresh lemon juice and olive oil. I added some salt and pepper and a little agave nectar to cut the sourness of the lemon juice.


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