Semi-Homemade Dinner


The last few times I have talked to my mom, she has been telling me that she has made bulgur pilaf  and that her and my dad prefer it over rice pilaf.  She uses her basic recipe for pilaf and exchanges the rice with bulgur.   Those of you not familiar with bulgur, it is a coarse wheat product used in many Mediterranean and Middle Eastern foods most frequently and commonly, tabbouleh. Bulgur is more nutritious than white rice and couscous,  because it contains more fiber and more vitamins and minerals and has a lower glycemic index than white rice or couscous.

I remember my mom making bulgur pilaf when we were kids, but I haven’t had it in a long time and since she has mentioned it to me a few times in the past couple weeks, I wanted to make it.  I already had all the ingredients at home from the last time I made rice pilaf.

I was having a mental road block for the rest of the meal.  This was an instance where I made a meal based around a side dish.  I also remembered a really good salad she made when I was down in Florida for Christmas last year, a leafy green salad tossed with dried cranberries, pecans and feta cheese.

Now that I had the two sides I know that I wanted the main protein to be chicken.  While I was at Whole Foods doing my weekly grocery shopping I noticed that they had whole roasted chickens for only $7.99.  That might seem like a lot for a small chicken, but a uncooked chicken is about the same price and you would have to spend the time to cook it.   I really enjoy cooking, but I wasn’t really in the mood to bake chicken and I just wanted to pay for the convenience of someone doing the work for me.

In the end, the chicken was delicious and my mouth was watering just smelling it all the way home from the store.  The bulgur pilaf came out really good and the salad was nice too.


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