Homemade Smoothies


I love smoothies.  I can have them anytime of the day.  There is just something satisfying about a cold and fruity blended drink.  Jamba Juice is alright but sometimes I feel that their smoothies are too sweet.  There is this place in NYC called Juice Generation that only uses all natural and organic ingredients and there is no added sugar; the Ginger Zen is my favorite!  Buying smoothies can get expensive (the average price is about $5 with tax).

These ingredients are suggestions; feel free to use what you like.

Trying to save money is always good so I have made smoothies at home.  I buy the ingredients I want at the store and lately I have added protein powder to sustain muscle mass; although this is optional.  I have found that buying the fruit frozen is not only cost-effective but it makes the prep time go by faster since you can just put the fruit into the blender without having to wash and cut/peel anything.

I like to use unsweetened almond milk because I like the taste, but you are certainly free to use regular, soy or rice milk; there are no wrong ingredients. Almond milk is considered a super food and tends to have more nutrients in it.  I sometimes I use fat-free plain yogurt but I have realized that the outcome of the smoothie is too sour when it’s blended with fruit so I have switched to fat-free vanilla.  I have experimented with different frozen fruits and I have come to like blueberries (also a super food and loaded with antioxidants and fiber) and mangos.  I have tried using strawberries and raspberries and I like the flavors but they have too many little seeds and my smoothies tend to be gritty after I use those.  Sometimes I add a couple teaspoons of the minced ginger that I have mentioned in an earlier post.  Keep in mind that you can add whatever you want to smoothies and you should have fun experimenting with different tastes and blends.


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